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We have more than 30 years experience with the breed!

The start of Dhoki Apso
Zeppi, Buzaras Felona, was imported to Norway from Sweden, as Norway's first registerd TT, early in 1975 by Bente's husband, Trond Tuv. In the divorce, Bente got Zeppi and Trond got the sterio. Zeppi became show champion and got Norway's first registerd TT puppies. Sadly none of these were bred from later. We did not have our prefix, Dhoki Apso, when Zeppi's litter was born, but we consider this as our first litter. Zeppi died when she was a little more than 10 years

Our next TT, Maria's first, was Bixi, Izakhan's Bix-I. We got her late 1994, when she was 1,5 years. With help from her breeder, Hege Ruud, she became a champion. When Bixi was 3 years, we started to wish for TT number 2. And when Bente turned 40, she got Dolly, Izakhan's Inula, as a present.

Bente Fridén Brunell

Maria Fridén Brunell

Published 16th of March 2011, by Maria



  • Bente og Maria Fridén Brunell
  • Nils Bays vei 52
  • 0855 Oslo
  • Norge

  • Bente mobile: +47 92 86 00 14
  • Maria mobile: +47 41 02 60 87

Published 1st of March 2012, by Maria

Breeding philosophy

Dhoki Apsos breeding philosophy will be available asap.

Published 1st of March 2012, by Maria

Educational Background

I tillegg til kursbevisene nedenfor, har Maria også bestått ringsekretær eksamen og er tatt opp som ringsekretærelev.

Published 6th of February 2015, by Maria

Favorite books

Tricks of the Trade: From Best Intentions to Best in Show - Pat Hastings (se here)

Control of Canine Genetic Diseases - George A. Padgett (se here)

Published 6th of February 2015, by Maria

Helth results

An overview of all our litters or litters sired by a male from us

Published 15th of March 2016, by Maria