NKK Oslo

We had a nice day at Bjerke Int. Both Dhoki Apsos Elvis Presley & DAs Evita Peron won their class with Exc., Evita also got champion quality and came 2nd BB with res.CACIB. DAs Desire was second in champion class with Exc, CQ and was 4th BB.

Published 17st of September 2013, by Maria

NTTK specialty show

WHAT A DAY! Dhoki Apsos Elvis Presly and his owner was 6th BM of almost 20 males & BOS intermediate, DAs Desire was 3rd in champion class out of seven and amazing Evita, DAs Evita Peron, was best bitch with CAC, BOB intermediate and BOS! We are so happy with this results!

Published 28th September 2013, by Maria

Tibethund and int show Drammen

Tibethund was as nice as the years before! We had a great time and got champion quality on Elvis, Evita and Dolce :)

NKK's int show in Drammen with BOB 3rd year in a row!
This time DAs Evita Peron was the one, getting CAC, CACIB & BOB. DAs Desire was 3rd BB from more than 15 bitches :)

Published 17th of September 2013, by Maria

Charm got his first CAC

Dhoki Apsos Enrique Iglesias "Charm" and his owners went to a show for their third time, and I belive they did quite wel with CAC & BOS, hurra!

Published 28rd of September 2013, by Maria

Eye checks

Evita, Dolce, Elvis, Chiru and Kikki FREE! Dhoki Apsos Evita Peron, Chiru, Desire & Elvis Presley, and Falamandus Out To Kick You were all free from eye desiases.

Published 17th of September 2013, by Maria

Int show in Kristiansand

Snow storm show! DAs Elvis Presley Exc 1, CQ, 2nd BM with res.CAC & res.CACIB, DAs Desire Exc 2, CQ, 3rd BB.

Published 17th of September 2013, by Maria

Int. show in Bø in Telemark

Early morning reward. DAs Elvis Presley & Evita Peron on their first show in intermediate class both won their class was BM & BB with CAC and CACIB, and ended as BOB & BOS! Could we be more happy :D Evita with Maria & Elvis with owner Nita.
Big thanks to judge Rune Lysgaard, NOR

Published 17th of September 2013, by Maria

HD results

Four of the E kids have been HD screened.
Enrique Iglesias, Elija Wood and Evita Peron with A hips, and sadly Elvis Presley with D hips.

Published 17th of September 2013, by Maria