Summary of 2012

2012 brought us a lot of nice wins :)

Falamandus Out To Kick You
This really was Kikki's year! Not only was she Norways most winning TT 2012, but she also got some new tittles. She can now call herself international and nordic champion. 2xBOB, 2xBOS, 9xCACIB, 3xres.CACIB, 1x Swedish CAC & 1x Danish CAC

Dhoki Apsos Evita Peron
Puppy results: 1xBOS, 2xBOB, 1x 4th BOG & 1x 2.BIS (Tibethund)
With champion quality on all the adult shows, her highlights were: 2x res.CAC, 4x CAC, 1xBOS, 3xBOB, group semifinalist at int. show Stavanger, DKJW-12, NJW-12 & amazingly NW-12!

Dhoki Apsos Elvis Presley
puppy results: 1xBOS, 2xBOB, 1x BOG4 & 1x BOG2
Elvis also got CQ on a lot of adult shows, 2x res.CAC, 2xCAC, 1xBOS, DKJW-12, NJW-12 & SEJW-12 :)

Dhoki Apsos Enrique Iglesias "Charm"
only showed once as a puppy he did amazing, BOB & BOG 2!

Dhoki Apsos Diamond "Daim"
only showed a few times, 1x res.CAC

Published 28th of September 2013, by Maria