2011; A nice year!

Falamandus Out To Kick You, Kikki, rounded the year of with becoming most winning female this year.
Dhoki Apsos Desire had a nice year becoming both Norwegian and Swedish champion, and last but not least, 4th of November she became mother to six beautyfull males and one lovly female.
Thanks to puppy buyers and great friends for a nice year!

Published 17th September 2013, by Maria

Int show at Bjerke

Falamandus Out To Kick You, Kikki, had another great day at the Int show in Oslo. She was best bitch with CAC and CACIB, and finally became BOS. She is such a happy dog to show :)

Published 1st of September 2011, by Maria

Holliday in Sweden

Dhoki Apsos Desire, Dolce, had three wonderfull days in the middle of Sweden. We had long sunny days with great company! Dolce came second in a big open class friday and saturday, with champion quality, res.CAC and 4th best bitch on friday as well. She saved the best for her last day. On sunday she won the open class, got CQ and ended as 3rd BB with CAC and finally became Swedish champion :)
Happy, happy!

Published 1st of August 2011, by Maria

Trondheim trip

Bente, Wenche and I packed our bags and dogs and headed for Trondheim the first weekend in July. Two dog shows, four dogs :)
Saturday Daim, Dolce and Kikki was showing on the INT show. Daim, Dhoki Apsos Diamond, became second in open class with CQ and got the res.CAC, Kikki won the intermediate class with CQ and also got the res.CAC. The highlight for the day was Dolces, NW-09 Dhoki Apsos Desire, placement! She won the open class with CQ and became second BB with CAC and res.CACIB. This was her last needed CAC tobecome a champion, and we celebrated with some wine later that evening :)
On sunday, Zappa was able to make a little comeback to the rings as well :) He loves it so much, so it is really a pleasure to show him! On the first ever "Tibethund" in Norway, both Daim and Kikki got the CAC, Kikki was also second BB and finaly BIS 2 intermediate. Dolce won the champion class and was third BB. Zappa, Nord Uch NordIW-02 Dhoki Apsos Black Zappa, actually was the hero of the day with becomeing third BM and BOB veteran, because the best bitch also was a veteran. He didnt only beat all of our youngsters, he also became second BIS veteran :D

We had a great weekend, so I dont think this will be our last ;) Big thanks to Wenche for joining us all the way to Trondheim and for loving and keeping Daim in such great condition :)

Also a big thanks to Lill for all the great pics! (The first of Daim, then of Dolce, Zappa and Kikki)

Published 3rd of Juli 2011, by Maria

TT Specialty 2011

Kikki and Dolce was showed at the Norwegian TT spesialty this year. Judge for the day was Angela Br├╝ggemann. Kikki, NordJW-10 NordW-10 Falamandus Out To Kick You, won intermediate class with champion quality (CQ) and Dolce, NW-09 Dhoki Apsos Desire, was second in open class with CQ and finally got the res.CAC for the day :)

Published 18th of June 2011, by Maria

Kikki on a roll in Drammen

NKK Drammen was a very good day for us! Kikki, NordW-10 NordJW-10 Falamandus Out To Kick You did not only grab the CAC, CACIB and BOB. She also became BIG 3. Not many TTs have been placed at int shows in Norway, so this was REALLY special. Special things happen with special girls, and Kikki is so special for us =) We cant thank team Falamandus enough for this girl, she's deeply loved!

Published 4th of June 2011, by Maria

Champion trip to Bergen

Dog people are really strange! We travel seven hours in a car, only to attend a dogshow, for then to travel all the way back home.. But when it goes like this day - it is all worth it!
Dhoki Apsos Desicion, "Dex", haven't been to many shows, but he makes up for it by doing a great job when he first is! Under breed specialist Rune Lysgaard, I was the lucky one to show Dex, and he didnt only get the CAC and CACIB, he became BOB and new Norwegian champion as well, Jippi! His owners, Hege and Roald, also showed their beautifull bitch Ti La Shu Jewel of Firebird who became second best bitch with res. CAC, not bad for her first time on a show, huh?
We had a great trip and was almost chating all the long way through blizards and mountains. Big thanks to Hege and Roald for this wonderful trip :)

Hope to have some new pics of this two beauties asap!

Published 9th of April 2011, by Maria

Great day for helth results!

Dolce, Happy, Daim, Zeppelin and Kikki had their eyes checked to day with great results! Everyone was clear =D

Published 7th of April 2011, by Maria

HD result on Kikki

Falamandus Out To Kick You, Kikki, was HD tested 2nd of March with the result A (free) :)

Published 16th of march 2011, by Maria

Eye check on Shah-Ntari

Dhoki Apsos Da Shah-Ntari was first ot of the D siblings to get his eyes checked, and came back as clear. HURRA!

Published 16th of march 2011, by Maria