Summary of 2009

PLL test on the following dogs have been taken and all come back as CLEAR :D
Dhoki Apsos Black Zappa
Dhoki Apsos Chiru
Dhoki Apsos Desire
Dhoki Apsos Desicion
Dhoki Apsos Design
Dhoki Apsos Diamond
Dhoki Apsos Dear Zeppelin
Dhoki Apsos Da Shah-Ntari
Cindy (Zappa's daughter)

We are so happy about this news and will send a BIG thank you to all the owners
for following up on our recomandation.

HD tests. All the D siblings have been HD tested, and we are happy to
anounce that they all got A (free)

This have been a good show year for us as well:

CH Dhoki Apsos Bzanba Li-Li: Most winning TT veteran in Norway, 2nd BIS
veteran at an all breed show
CH Dhoki Apsos Black Zappa: 1 x BOS, 1 x BOB, 1 x 3rd BIS veteran,
1 x BIS veteran
CH Cindy: 3 x CAC, 2 x res.CACIB, 1 x BOS, 3rd most winning TT female in
Norway, became norwegian champion
Dhoki Apsos Desire: 1 x CAC, 1 x BOS, Norwegian winner 2009
Dhoki Apsos Desicion: 1 x CAC, 1 x BIG puppy
Dhoki Apsos Da Shah-Ntari: 1 x CAC, 1 x BOB

Dhoki Apsos breeders class got honour price and was best at two international


Published 17st of August 2010, by Maria

A fantastic show weekend!

25th of April was a great day for us!
It was Dhoki Apsos Desire "Dolce" and Dhoki Apsos Desicion's "Dex" (pic) first time competing in the puppy class. They did really well. Dolce ended up second in her class because she still needs more pigmentation around her eyes, but with the comment that she was better :) Dex became BOB out of 8 pups, behaving like he was the king of the ring. Hege and Roald Kristiansen have done a great job with this guy!

Dhoki Apsos Black Zappa became 4th best male and BOB-veteran, and his daughter Cindy got her first CAC and ended up as second best female :)

26th of April was another great day for the Dhoki Apso kids!
Dhoki Apsos Desire became BOS-puppy and her brother Dhoki Apsos Design "Happy" became BOB-puppy. Happy didn't think that was enough, so he did his thing in the main ring, and placed himself as BEST IN GROUP. In Best in Show he was a bit tired, but still showed the judge what he was good for. Finally he ended up as 3rd BEST IN SHOW!

We are so proud of the D siblings and are also pleased with their owners. They are so good with the pups :)

Published 1st of May 2009, by Maria

Shah-Ntari, first out on a puppy show

sha first

4th of April Dhoki Apsos Da Shah-Ntari and his owners went to a national dogshow. He became BOB-puppy and finally 4.BIG.

5th of April they went to another national dogshow. He became BOB-puppy this time as well :)
We are so proude of him and his owners and wish them good luck in the future as well.

Published 1st of May 2009, by Maria

Most winning TT in Norway 2008

Int Nord ch NordUV-02 NV-06 KBHV-07 SV-08
Dhoki Apsos Bzanba Li-Li did it in only six shows!

2008 should actually be Li-Li's year off, but when her breeding didn't go as planned earlier this year she couldn't stay out of the show ring. She started 2008 with being BOB at our special show, and ended up with 3 more BOBs out of only six shows. After this, she became a mother again. She took the parenting job fluently, so we can't say more than this:
We are extremly proud of her!

Published 28th of February 2009, by Maria

Zappa's first dogshows as a veteran

31th of January Dhoki Apsos Black Zappa and Cindy (Zappa's daughter) competed at Hellerudsletta at a national dogshow. Cindy came second in the junior class with Exellent and finally 3rd best female, Zappa became BOS, BOB-veteran and finally 3.BIS-VETERAN.

The picture below is taken by Siv C. Bækken, thank you! :) It shows Zappa and the BOB female Lhazhal's Dkar-Ba Mu-Tig, congratulations Kennel Lhazhal.

zappas first

On the 1st of February we left for the show again. This time both Zappa and Cindy ended up as 3rd best male and 3rd best female. Zappa also became BOB-veteran. On this day it was even more veterans in the BIS-veteran ring, but Zappa didn't care. He entered the ring with his head lifted high and showed that he isn't that old yet. He became BEST IN SHOW VETERAN and won food for all his bitches back home. We couldn't be more proud of him :)

Published 28th of February 2009, by Maria

Two of Zappa's offspring have been HD tested

Two of Dhoki Apsos Black Zappa's daughters, Cindy and Clara have been HD tested. They both got B, which means they are both HD free. We are very happy about this news, and wish to congratulate their owners.

Published 28th of February 2009, by Maria